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Exercism is now the official Go Mentoring Platform

Over 2 years ago

I'm really proud to announce that as of today, Exercism is becoming the official mentoring platform for GoBridge and the Go Developer Network (GDN).

GoBridge's mission is to enable minorities in tech to use Go as a tool to learn and teach programming and, ultimately, to empower underrepresented groups in tech to help increase diversity in the Go community. That fits perfectly with our mission of providing opportunity through the development of programming, and so we're really excited to be able to launch this partnership. GoBridge and the GDN will be promoting Exercism across their networks, and we'll be hoping for a large influx of both Go mentors and students.

As part of this partnership, GoBridge is also donating to Exercism to help fund improvements to our interactivity, specifically allowing us to lay the foundations of student-mentor interactions within the new Exercism editor. This is something we're really excited about developing, and will form the center of Exercism Teams, which we'll be launching in 2022.

We've put a special landing page up for this partnership, which you can access at https://exercism.org/partners/gobridge. If you've not tried Go before, it's a very interesting language and we've got a solid track on Exercism, with some great Learning Exercises.

A massive thank you to GoBridge and the GDN, especially William Kennedy who has been the driving force behind this! I really hope this is the start of an exciting next phase for both organisations! 🙂

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