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HELLO * COBOL source code snippet
       PROGRAM-ID. Hello.
       DISPLAY "Hello World!"
       STOP RUN.

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Key Features of COBOL


Statically Typed

COBOL's type system allows for defining not only the type of a variable but also it's exact size.

English Syntax

COBOL's syntax was designed to look just like English, making it easy to read and understand.

Stable and Reliable

First released in 1959, it's been exhaustively tested and proven to be extremely reliable.

Precise Calculations

COBOL's decimal arithmetic allows for precise financial calculations without rounding errors.

Fast and Efficient

COBOL is fast and efficient, and it's used for processing millions of bank transactions a day.

Still Evolving

It's still evolving and being updated after 60 years, with a new standard revision releasing soon.

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