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(defun distance (str1 str2
                 &key (test #'char=))
  "Number of positional differences in
   two equal length strings."
  (when (= (length str1) (length str2))
    (count nil
           (map 'list test str1 str2))))

Key Features of Common Lisp

Common Lisp


Common Lisp has a full featured REPL, development can happen as a 'conversation' with the system.


Common Lisp is fully inspectable with built-in functions for exploring every part of the language.


Code has the same structure as data, allowing for powerful macros: code that writes code.


Generic functions, reader-macros, and flexible namespacing allow for the extension of the language


The language is very stable, with multiple implementations to match your needs – JVM, embedded, etc.


Whether you prefer a functional style or something more object-oriented, Lisp adapts to your needs.

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Common Lisp

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