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About Perl

package HelloWorld;
use strict;
use warnings;

sub hello {
  return 'Hello, World!';


65 coding exercises for Perl on Exercism. From Grains to Prime Factors.

Get better at programming through fun, rewarding coding exercises that test your understanding of concepts with Exercism.

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Key Features of Perl


Vibrant community

Be they Mongers, Monks, or residents of Planet Perl - they are eager to share knowledge and tips.


The Perl interpreter can be embedded into a wide variety of systems like web servers and databases.


Code your way. Full support for functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming.

Easily Extensible

Leverage over 25, 000 modules available on CPAN, or write your very own for distribution.

1st class text & Unicode

Powerful tools for HTML XML, and all manner of natural languages. Full Unicode support baked in.

Duct-tape of the internet

Underpinning the web since the beginning. The general purpose language for getting things done.

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Every language has its own way of doing things. Perl is no different. Our mentors will help you learn to think like a Perl developer and how to write idiomatic code in Perl. Once you've solved an exercise, submit it to our volunteer team, and they'll give you hints, ideas, and feedback on how to make it feel more like what you'd normally see in Perl - they'll help you discover the things you don't know that you don't know.

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The Perl track on Exercism has 5 concepts and 65 exercises to help you write better code. Discover new exercises as you progress and get engrossed in learning new concepts and improving the way you currently write.

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