How you can help us build Exercism

Proofread and update


Never contributed to an open source project? Give this a go. We'll help you submit your first pull request.

0 issues need help
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Improve a concept or exercise


Fix bugs and make improvements to concepts and exercise across Exercism. Help students have a smooth and error-free experience.

94 issues need help
Gleam Raku Julia
Gleam, Raku, Julia, Solidity + 64 more need help
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Create a new exercise or concept


Build out a new exercise or concept based on a track's roadmap. Have fun making interactive content that millions of people will use.

71 issues need help
Nix Python Julia
Nix, Python, Julia, Elm + 12 more need help
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Develop a test runner


Test runners power our online editor. All tracks have basic test runners, but many need more advanced features and functionality adding.

111 issues need help
Go Common Lisp Coq
Go, Common Lisp, Coq, 05AB1E + 64 more need help
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Develop an analyzer


Analyzers give automated feedback to students through ASTs analysis. These are complex and deeply interesting pieces of software to develop.

53 issues need help
Bash x86-64 Assembly Clojure
Bash, x86-64 Assembly, Clojure, Go + 41 more need help
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Develop a representer


Representers help us spot identical solutions so that we can reuse feedback. Simpler than analyzers but fun and interesting to reason about.

50 issues need help
Delphi Pascal ARM64 Assembly ReasonML
Delphi Pascal, ARM64 Assembly, ReasonML, Ada + 41 more need help
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