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About Raku

say my $candidates = all
  «Alphabet subdermatoglyphic
  ‘Emily Jung Schwartzkopf’».pick: 2;

say “All isograms? {.so ?? ‘✔’ !! ‘❌’}”
  given is-isogram($candidates);

sub is-isogram (Str $_ --> Bool) {
  .uc.comb(/<:L>/).Bag ⊆ 'A'..'Z' }

Key Features of Raku



Raku programs are naturally more concise and readable, thanks to its innovative design.


Raku is a supremely flexible and mutable language, adaptable to your own style of programming.


Raku is developed by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic open source volunteers.


Raku has a high level concurrency model, both for implicit as well as explicit multiprocessing.

Regexes and Grammars

Raku has powerful, extensible grammars for parsing data or code (which Raku uses to parse itself!)

A Welcoming Community

Go to #raku (irc.libera.chat) and someone will be glad to help you get started.

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