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Class { "A simple SUnit test"
	#name : #HelloWorldTest,
	#superclass : #TestCase }

{ #category : #testing }
HelloWorldTest >> testSayHello [
	    assert: HelloWorld sayHello
	    equals: 'Hello, World!'. ]

Key Features of Pharo


Pure object oriented

In Pharo, everything is an object. There are just objects interacting with messages.

Live environment

It provides immediate feedback during runtime. You can run and change your program on the fly.

Simple language

Language full syntax fits on a postcard, it has only 6 reserved words. It is easy to learn.

Dynamically typed

Pharo has dynamic type-checking in runtime - an object checks its operation at time of execution.

Universal use

Pharo can be used for web, desktop, AI, visualizations, math, IoT devices.


Pharo uses fast virtual machine that runs on Windows, macOS and Linux including the ARM processors.

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