Getting Started

Learn how to Get Started and make the most of your Exercism experience

Welcome to Exercism!

There is tons of things to do on Exercism, the key options being:

  • Become fluent in one of 50+ programming languages
  • Mentor students to help them improve their fluency
  • Help build Exercism

Learn a Programming Language

The primary goal of Exercism is to help people become fluent in their programming language of choice. Exercism help you become more fluent in a programming language by solving exercises.

There are over 50 programming languages to choose from, with tons of variety. To start learning a programming language, first find the language you want to learn on the tracks page.

Once you've decided upon a language, go to its track page and join the track. After having joined a track, you'll immediately be able to start solving exercises.

By completing exercises (meaning: writing an implementation that passes all the tests) you'll get access to even more exercises, improving your fluency as you go. The unlocking exercises page has more information on how to unlock exercises.

If you're ever stuck on an exercise, you can request help from a mentor. A mentor will then engage in a conversation with you to help you get unstuck.

Have fun learning!

Mentor Students

Want to help share your knowledge with others? Then mentoring is perfect for you!

Mentoring is a fun and rewarding way to reinforce your own learning, while helping others learn and discover things they don't know. Mentoring also earns reputation.

Not sure if you can mentor effectively? Some of our best mentors worried too.

Interested in becoming a mentor? Please check the mentoring page for instructions on how to become a mentor.

Build Exercism

Exercism is an open source, not-for-profit project built by people from all backgrounds. With over one hundred dedicated maintainers and thousands of contributors, our goal is to create the best, free, code learning platform on the web.

Want to help build Exercism? The contributing page contains an overview of the various tasks you can work on. We have a wide variety of tasks, ranging in size from trivial to massive.

Never contributed to an open source project? We'll help you submit your first pull request.

Got a contribution merged? Great! You'll be listed as a contributor on the website. Each contribution also earns reputation.