Getting Feedback

Learn how you can get feedback to help improve your code

There are three types of feedback you can get on a solution:

  1. Automated Feedback from our analysis platform
  2. Mentor Feedback from our team of volunteer mentors
  3. Private feedback from a friend or colleague

What is the difference between Automated Feedback and Mentor Feedback?

Automated feedback is generated immediately when you submit an iteration. Our analysis platform looks at your code and tries to find useful actionable feedback that you can use to iterate further.

Mentor feedback is written by our team of volunteer mentors who will look at your solution and make suggestions on to how to improve it. Mentors are able to write more targeted feedback and engage in a discussion with you, but you will have to wait for a mentor to respond to you, which can take hours or days depending on the length of the queue.

Automated feedback and mentor feedback are presented differently on the website, and you can receive both on any solution.

You can also request Private Feedback from a friend or colleague. This works similarly to Mentor Feedback but rather than having your solution put into the main mentoring queue, you send a link directly to the person you'd like to give you feedback.