Private Feedback

Learn about getting feedback privately from a friend or colleague

By default, when you submit your solution for mentoring, it is sent to our team of volunteer mentors, one of whom will choose to give feedback on it. However, sometimes you might prefer to receive feedback from someone you know, rather than one of our mentors. If you have a friend, colleague, etc that you'd like to receive feedback from, you can send them the link that appears both in the "Request mentoring" dropdown menu on one of your exercises, and on its Mentoring page.

If you are using Exercism as part of a Bootcamp or course, this feature allows you to send your work to your teachers for their review, rather than overloading our team of mentors.

Abusing this feature

Please do not send our mentors links to your solutions to try and jump the queue, unless they have explicitly given you permission to do so. Doing so is likely to be considered spam, which will annoy the mentors and result in you having a slower response time.