Tasks are GitHub issues that we'd like people to help out with, from proofreading text to building Concept Exercises. They are presented on the website and link to the corresponding issues on GitHub. Each task is tagged with one or more properties, which are populated from the issue's labels. The user can then filter tasks based on their properties.


For an issue to be considered a task, it has to be labeled with one or more task-specific labels. Maintainers can thus choose to only make some issues show up as tasks.

Each task label is defined as: x:<type>/<value> and five task types are supported:

  • action
  • knowledge
  • module
  • size
  • type

Action tag

The x:action/<value> labels describe what sort of work the contributor will be engaged in when working on the issue.

Tag Description
x:action/create Work on something from scratch
x:action/fix Fix an issue
x:action/improve Improve existing functionality/content
x:action/proofread Proofread text
x:action/sync Sync content with its latest version

Knowledge tag

The x:knowledge/<value> labels describe how much Exercism knowledge is required by the contributor.

Tag Description
x:knowledge/none No existing Exercism knowledge required
x:knowledge/elementary Little Exercism knowledge required
x:knowledge/intermediate Quite a bit of Exercism knowledge required
x:knowledge/advanced Comprehensive Exercism knowledge required

Module tag

The x:module/<value> labels indicate what part of Exercism the contributor will be working on.

Tag Description
x:module/analyzer Work on Analyzers
x:module/concept Work on Concepts
x:module/concept-exercise Work on Concept Exercises
x:module/generator Work on Exercise generators
x:module/practice-exercise Work on Practice Exercises
x:module/representer Work on Representers
x:module/test-runner Work on Test Runners

Size tag

The x:size/<value> labels describe the expected amount of work for a contributor.

Tag Description
x:size/tiny Tiny amount of work
x:size/small Small amount of work
x:size/medium Medium amount of work
x:size/large Large amount of work
x:size/massive Massive amount of work

Type tag

The x:type/<value> labels describe the type of work the contributor will be engaged in.

Tag Description
x:type/ci Work on Continuous Integration (e.g. GitHub Actions workflows)
x:type/coding Write code that is not part of the student-facing content. This is normally tasks associated with production-tooling (e.g. test runners), internal-tooling (generators), or libraries that Exercism maintains.
x:type/content Work on content (e.g. exercises, concepts)
x:type/docker Work on Dockerfiles
x:type/docs Work on Documentation

Claimed vs unclaimed tags

To hide a task due to someone already working on it, an issue can add the x:status/claimed label.