Installing ABAP locally

Learn how to install ABAP locally to solve Exercism's exercises on your own machine

Exercism let's you program and test your ABAP code directly in your browser. No additional installation is required. However, if you prefer to code and test on your own system, you can get an ABAP trial system.

Of course, your employer might be running SAP. Please check with your IT department if and how you can get access to an ABAP development sandbox.

Which version to choose?

We encourage to use a current release of the ABAP platform with active support. Currently this is ABAP 7.5 and higher. Details on current releases and their timelines can be found at ABAP Development Center.

What to install?

We recommend using the most recent ABAP Platform Developer Edition on SAP HANA. It's based on ABAP 7.54. You will need to install the SAP ABAP system (provided as a docker image) and SAP GUI either for Windows or for Java depending on your local operating system.

For more details, see this SAP Community blog.