How to learn CFML

An overview of how to get started from scratch with CFML

Welcome to learning ColdFusion (CFML)! CFML is a dynamic and loosely typed JVM scripting language. It has two different file types. .cfm files (ColdFusion markup)_ are purely procedural and use the tag-based syntax for templating out HTML. You would use these for views if building a web site:


		<h1>Welcome to my site, #FirstName# #LastName#!

The other type of file is the .cfc (ColdFusion Component) and it is how you declare a class. Components are used for business logic, models, and controllers. These usually use the script syntax, which reads similar to JavaScript.


component accessors=true {
	property name='make' type='string';
	property name='model' type='string';
	property name='year' type='number';

	function init() {
		return this;

Here are some guides for learning more about CFML