How to learn Clojure

An overview of how to get started from scratch with Clojure

Exercism provides exercises and feedback but can be difficult to jump into for those learning Clojure for the first time.

These resources can help you get started:


  • The official language website.
  • ClojureDocs A repository of language references and examples by function or keyword.

Exercises and Tutorials

  • 4Clojure A resource to help fledgling clojurians learn the language through interactive problems.
  • 4bb Run 4clojure problems with babashka right from your shell.
  • Calva - Get Started with Clojure A zero-install, interactive guide to get you started with Clojure using Calva and VS Code (via Gitpod)
  • Wonderland Clojure Katas Clojure Katas inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
  • Parens of the Dead A screencast series of zombie-themed games written with Clojure and ClojureScript.
  • Clojure Koans (online) Exercises meant to initiate you to the mysteries of the Clojure language.


  • ClojureBridge Aims to increase diversity within the Clojure community by offering free, beginner-friendly Clojure programming workshops for women.
  • Planet Clojure Clojure blog aggregator.
  • Practicalli Getting started with Clojure programming via YouTube broadcasts, screencasts and books.