Testing on the Crystal track

Learn how to test your Crystal exercises on Exercism

Running Tests

When you are in the directory for an exercise, you should see two subdirectories:

  • src contains your solution to the exercise
  • spec contains the tests to run for the exercise

If you're in the right directory (i.e. the one containing src and spec), you can run the tests for that exercise by running crystal spec:

$ pwd

$ ls
GETTING_STARTED.md README.md          spec               src

$ crystal spec

This will run all of the test files in the spec directory.

In each test file, all but the first test have been skipped.

Once you get a test passing, you can unskip the next one by changing pending to it.

Crystal Format

Before submitting, it's recommended that you run crystal tool format on your solution.

You can format everything in your current directory with:

$ crystal tool format ./

Or you can selectively format files with:

$ crystal tool format ./<path>/<to>/<file>

Submitting Your Solution

Be sure to submit the source file in the src directory when submitting your solution:

$ exercism submit src/<exercise>.cr