Useful Emacs Lisp resources

A collection of useful resources to help you master Emacs Lisp

Getting Help

  1. The Emacs Wiki is invaluable. Spend lots of time here.
  2. The Emacs Editor is the official manual for GNU Emacs.
  3. IRC - there are Libera.Chat channels for #emacs, #org-mode, and many Emacs packages, and many helpful folks around. And with emacs, IRC is as close as M-x erc.
  4. Matrix - on Matrix there are rooms for emacs, org-mode, and other Emacs packages. You can join the Emacs Matrix space to get an overview of the available channels. To join Matrix from within Emacs you can use the Ement.el package.
  5. StackOverflow and Emacs StackExchange can be used to search for your problem and see if it has been answered already. You can also ask and answer questions.