Installing Julia locally

Learn how to install Julia locally to solve Exercism's exercises on your own machine

To install Julia on your system follow the instructions on the Julia Language Downloads page.


It is not recommended to install Julia through your operating system's package manager. Those packages are not officially maintained and may cause issues.

For a local installation, there are plugins for a large number of editors/IDEs available. The VS Code extension is the most popular one. You can find integrations for other editors in the JuliaEditorSupport organisation on GitHub.

If you prefer a more interactive environment, you can use Jupyter notebooks with IJulia, or use Pluto.jl for simple reactive notebooks in Julia.

A simple way to get started with Julia without the need of a local installation is Nextjournal, a notebook-based online IDE. You can access it from your browser, login and you start solving exercises. If you just want an online REPL, you can use