How to learn MIPS Assembly

An overview of how to get started from scratch with MIPS Assembly

MIPS is a simple assembly language. If you have done some assembly language programming before, you may be able to get started with just a reference card.

If you are entirely new to assembly language programming, consider working through the first half of Berkeley's “Great Ideas in Computer Architecture” course CS61C. Video lectures are available on YouTube and slides, labs, and homework assignments are available on the course website. The book Computer Organization and Design is also a commonly used introductory architecture book, which uses MIPS and covers the syntax in chapter 2.

We hope you enjoy learning MIPS assembly and working through the exercises. Assembly programming is much more approachable and fun than you may imagine. If you get stuck with any aspect of your learning (or in running the tests) the track maintainers Oz ( and Myles ( are more than happy to help you directly.