Installing OCaml locally

Learn how to install OCaml locally to solve Exercism's exercises on your own machine

To work on the exercises, you will need these pieces of software:

  1. OPAM, the OCaml Package manager

    See Real World Ocaml, 2nd Ed.: Installation Instructions for how to install and configure OPAM for your operating system.

  2. The OCaml compiler

    See a list of available versions:

    opam switch

    Switch to that version. If, for example, the latest version is 4.08.0, you will run:

    opam switch 4.08.0
  3. Install extended standard libraries and test libraries

    Some exercises use only the OCaml standard library, and some use the extended libraries by Jane Street called Base and Core_kernel.

    The test library is called OUnit, and some exercises additionally use the QCheck library for property-based tests.

    opam install base core_kernel ounit qcheck
  4. Install and use interactive shell

    A summary of Setting up and using utop:

    opam install utop

    Place the following in the file .ocamlinit in your home directory should contain something like:

    #use "topfind";;
    #require "base";;
    open Base