Testing on the Prolog track

Learn how to test your Prolog exercises on Exercism

SWI Prolog can either be run interactively or by executing it directly at the command line.

To run prolog interactively first run:

$ swipl

After the prolog console starts, load your implementation and run the tests with:

?- ["hello_world.pl"].
?- ["hello_world_tests.plt"].
?- run_tests.

To run your implementation directly run:

swipl -f hello_world.pl -s hello_world_tests.plt -g run_tests,halt -t 'halt(1)'

In both cases, replace hello_world.pl and hello_world_tests.plt with the name of the exercise you are implementing.

When you first begin an exercise, only the first test will run. The rest have been skipped by adding condition(pending) to the test goal. Once the first test passes, un-skip the next test by changing pending in condition(pending) to true. Repeat for each test until they are all running and passing.