Testing on the Raku track

Learn how to test your Raku exercises on Exercism

Run All Tests

There is a Raku script with the extension .rakutest, which will be used to test your solution. You can run through the tests by using either of these commands (replacing the exercise name where relevant):

If the test is in the t/ directory: prove6 --lib

If the test is in the top-level directory: prove6 hello-world.rakutest

Before you start the exercise, the output will likely look something like:

# Failed test 'Say Hi!'
# at hello-world.rakutest line 11
# expected: 'Hello, World!'
#      got: (Nil)
# Looks like you failed 1 test of 1
hello-world.rakutest .. Dubious, test returned 1
Failed 1/1 subtests

You will need to modify the module with the extension .rakumod, and write a solution to pass the tests. Once the tests are passing, the output from the command above will likely look something like:

hello-world.rakutest .. ok
All tests successful.

Stop After First Failure

If you have the RAKU_TEST_DIE_ON_FAIL environment variable set, the test runner will stop after the first failure. For example:

In Linux / OS X:

# now all the follow up runs will stop at the first failure
prove6 hello-world.rakutest
# until we do
# or you can use it for one run like this:
RAKU_TEST_DIE_ON_FAIL=1 prove6 hello-world.rakutest

Or in Windows:

REM now all the follow up runs will stop at the first failure
prove6 hello-world.rakutest
REM until we do

For more information see the Testing chapter of the Raku Documentation.


Could not find JSON::Fast

All modules used in the Raku track are included with Rakudo Star. If you get an error message such as the above when attempting to run a test, then you will either need to make sure you have the latest distribution of Rakudo Star, or install the module yourself using a package manager. See the Raku documentation on modules for information on how to install modules.