Testing on the Red track

Learn how to test your Red exercises on Exercism

To test the solution, you just run the test script. You can do this from Red Console by using function do together with test script's path, like this:

do %exercism/red/hello-world/hello-world-test.red

Or by just adding it as an argument to the Red binary in your system terminal:

red exercism/red/hello-world/hello-world-test.red

Initially, only the first test from the test file will be enabled. This is to encourage you to solve the exercises one at a time. Once you get the first test passing, change second argument of the test-init function at the beginning of the test file and run it again. This value is a count of enabled tests, so changing it from 1 to 2 will enable second test. You can also remove \limit refinement of test-init function and the second argument, to run all the tests without skipping.