How to learn Unison

An overview of how to get started from scratch with Unison

The official Unison language documentation is an excellent place to start learning. It details fundamental Unison concepts, like functions, data types, and algebraic effects.

We've created a video walk-through of the workflow for running and testing an Exercism problem if you're working on the command line with the Unison Codebase Manager.

For reference material, the Unison language reference contains granular details about Unison features. They're listed in the website sidebar.

You may want to familiarize yourself with Unison Share, Unison's repository for public libraries and projects. The documentation for the standard library, base, contains helpful usage information.

👋 If you're ever stuck, we're happy to help. The #beginner-friendly channel in the official Unison slack is filled with friendly people.