Useful Zig resources

A collection of useful resources to help you master Zig

  • The Zig Programming Language Documentation is a great overview of all of the language features that Zig provides to those who use it.
  • The Zig Standard Library is a good reference to learn how Zig code is written and shows many of the functions that you could import into your own code.
  • Awesome Zig is a curated list of Zig projects.
  • #zig on is the main Zig IRC channel.
  • Stack Overflow can be used to discover code snippets and solutions to problems that may have already asked and maybe solved by others.
  • /r/Zig is the main Zig subreddit.
  • The Zig Programming Language Discord is the main Discord. It provides a great way to get in touch with the Zig community at large, and get some quick, direct help for any Zig related problem.
  • The Zig SHOWTIME Newsletter announces new episodes, important events, and links to interesting new Zig projects.