Reverse String

Reverse String

Reverse a given string.
Deep Dive into Reverse String!

Explore 14 different ways to reverse a string, exploring a range of topics including Unicode Codepoints, Graphemes, Stack vs Heap allocations, and pointers. Kick back and enjoy 45mins of learning with Jeremy and Erik.


Reversing strings (reading them from right to left, rather than from left to right) is a surprisingly common task in programming.

For example, in bioinformatics, reversing the sequence of DNA or RNA strings is often important for various analyses, such as finding complementary strands or identifying palindromic sequences that have biological significance.

Your task is to reverse a given string.

Some examples:

  • Turn "stressed" into "desserts".
  • Turn "strops" into "sports".
  • Turn "racecar" into "racecar".