Reverse string
Reverse string

Reverse string



Reverse a string

For example: input: "cool" output: "looc"

If your language provides a method in the standard library to perform the conversion, pretend it doesn't exist and implement it yourself.

Running and testing your solutions

From the command line

Simply type 8th test.8th. It is assumed that the 8th binary is declared in the PATH environment variable.

From a REPL

Start 8th loading test-words.8th and your solution file: 8th -f test-words.8th -f reverse-string-tests.8th This will start a CLI session where you can run tests interactively by copying and pasting them in from reverse-string-tests.8th or by entering your own.

Editing the reverse-string-tests.8th file

This is encouraged at the beginning of your journey. Insert a back-slash space before all but the first one or two tests. Write your code to solve the first test or two. Then progressively enable more tests until you can pass all of them.

Last updated 17 May 2023
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