The simplest way to deploy your code.

Code Capsules is a platform-as-a-service geared towards easing the pain of MEAN dev teams.

They offer a full-scope development environment that allows MEAN developers to focus on building, deploying and scaling their apps.

With Code Capsules, there’s no need for a host of software solutions like Heroku, Netlify and Atlas. You bring your MEAN stack, they take care of the underlying architecture.

Code Capsules is the easy, quick and secure way to get your app running, and running smoothly.

Because their pricing is not based on per-seat billing, Code Capsules is an affordable solution for MEAN teams, whether it’s a two-man show or a behemoth of a dev house

How Code Capsules supports Exercism

In 2023 Code Capsules became Exercism's first ever end-to-end advert/marketing sponsor partner.

Exercism Perk

Get a $5 credit (worth 1 month of free hosting) with your Exercism account. Starts August.

Deploy a frontend or backend app free for a month with a $5 credit. Simply use the voucher code below at checkout.

Want to learn more about Code Capsules?

Visit to learn more and explore how Code Capsules can help you.