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About PL/SQL

   message varchar2(20):= 'Hello, World!';

Key Features of PL/SQL


Tight SQL integration

All the declarative power of SQL with the processing power of procedural languages.

High performance

Send statements directly to the database and significantly reduce traffic between app and db code.

High productivity

Compact code for manipulating data. Rich features that save designing and debugging time.

Support for OOP

Full support for object oriented programming and abstract datatypes.


Run your application on any OS or platform that your database runs on.

Manageable and Scalable

Centralize application processing on the DB server and support thousands of concurrent users easily.

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Every language has its own way of doing things. PL/SQL is no different. Our mentors will help you learn to think like a PL/SQL developer and how to write idiomatic code in PL/SQL. Once you've solved an exercise, submit it to our volunteer team, and they'll give you hints, ideas, and feedback on how to make it feel more like what you'd normally see in PL/SQL - they'll help you discover the things you don't know that you don't know.

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The PL/SQL track on Exercism has 11 exercises to help you write better code. Discover new exercises as you progress and get engrossed in learning new concepts and improving the way you currently write.

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