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Custom Signs

Custom Signs



In this exercise you'll be writing code to help a sign company create custom messages for their signs.

1. Build an occasion sign

Implement the method build_sign( ) that accepts a string as the occasion parameter and a string holding someone's name as the name parameter. The two parameters will be embedded into a string template to output the message on the sign.

build_sign( occasion = 'Birthday' 
            name     = 'Rob').
" => "Happy Birthday Rob!"

2. Build a birthday sign

Implement the method build_birthday_sign( ) that accepts an age, and based on the age will determine part of the message on the sign. If the age is 50 or older, the sign will include the word mature, otherwise the sign will include the word young.

build_birthday_sign( 45 ).
" => "Happy Birthday! What a young fellow you are."

3. Build a graduation sign

Implement the method graduation_for( ) which takes a name as a string parameter and a year as a numeric parameter and uses string templates to create a phrase for a sign that uses a newline to separate the two lines of the message.

graduation_for( name = 'Hannah' 
                year = 2022 ).
" => "Congratulations Hannah!\nClass of 2022"

4. Compute the cost of a sign

Implement the function cost_of( sign currency ) which takes a string that holds the contents of the sign and a string that represents the currency. The sign has a base price of 20 in the given currency. Additionally each letter costs 2. (Whitespaces are included in the calculation.) The phrase returned includes the cost to create the sign, written with two digits after the decimal point, followed by the currency string.

costOf( sign     = 'Happy Birthday Rob!'
        currency = 'euros');
// => "Your sign costs 58.00 euros."
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