Write a function that returns the earned points in a single toss of a Darts game.

Darts is a game where players throw darts at a target.

In our particular instance of the game, the target rewards 4 different amounts of points, depending on where the dart lands:

Our dart scoreboard with values from a complete miss to a bullseye

  • If the dart lands outside the target, player earns no points (0 points).
  • If the dart lands in the outer circle of the target, player earns 1 point.
  • If the dart lands in the middle circle of the target, player earns 5 points.
  • If the dart lands in the inner circle of the target, player earns 10 points.

The outer circle has a radius of 10 units (this is equivalent to the total radius for the entire target), the middle circle a radius of 5 units, and the inner circle a radius of 1. Of course, they are all centered at the same point — that is, the circles are concentric defined by the coordinates (0, 0).

Write a function that given a point in the target (defined by its Cartesian coordinates x and y, where x and y are real), returns the correct amount earned by a dart landing at that point.


The scoreboard image was created by habere-et-dispertire using Inkscape.

Floating Point Arithmetic

This particular exercise, since it deals with floating point arithmetic, is natural to rely on external tools (see below). As an extra challenging challenge, find a way to implement this with plain bash.


Inspired by an exercise created by a professor Della Paolera in Argentina
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