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Lucy's Magnificent Mapper
Lucy's Magnificent Mapper

Lucy's Magnificent Mapper

Learning Exercise

While completing Lucy's Magnificent Mapper, you'll learn 2 concepts


Lucy the Lisp Alien likes Numbers, they think some of them are "magnificent".

They ask you to help them write functions to make numbers more magnificent.

What Lucy thinks makes a number magnificent can change so the functions will need to be flexible.

1. Make magnificent

To make a list of numbers into a list of more magnificent numbers you'll need to write a function make-magnificent-maybe which takes a function to apply to the numbers and a list of numbers. It should evaluate to a list of numbers which are more magnificent (according to the function provided)

(make-magnificent-maybe #'square '(1 2 3)) ; => (1 4 9)
(make-magnificent-maybe #'1+ '(1 2 3))     ; => (2 3 4)

2. Only the best

After (hopefully) making numbers more magnificent, Lucy wants to just see the numbers which are truly magnificent.

They definitely know that 1 is never magnificent so you'll need to just remove that.

But other than that Lucy changes their mind sometimes so again they'll give you a function which will tell you if a number is magnificent or not.

You'll need to write a function only-the-best which takes a function and a list of numbers and returns only the best numbers (not 1 and not numbers that the function evaluates to true for).

(only-the-best #'evenp '(1 2 3 4 5)) ; => (3 5)
(only-the-best #'oddp '(1 3 5))    ; => ()
Last updated 7 September 2022
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