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Reporting for Duty
Reporting for Duty

Reporting for Duty

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Like just about everyone with a job Layla the Lisp Alien sometimes needs to make reports to let others know information. They ask if you could help them format data she has for these reports.

1. Formatting quarterly values

The first thing Layla needs is a function: format-quarter-value that takes two parameters: the calendar quarter and the value and formats it for a report. It should evaluate to a string.

(format-quarter-value "last" 3.14) ; => "The value last quarter: 3.14"
(format-quarter-value "this" 0) ; => "The value this quarter: 0"

2. The Two-Quarter report

Layla thanks you for the format-quarter-value function and says it will be very useful in the next function that is needed.

The next report needs to show the quarter and value from 2 quarters printed on two lines.

Also the output needs to go to the stream provided as the first argument.

For example: (format-two-quarters t "last" 3.14 "this" 0) will produce the following on standard output:

The value last quarter: 3.14
The value this quarter: 0

Note the blank lines around it.

3. Human vs. Lisp Alien readable

Layla forgot to tell you that Lisp Aliens like to see values in a way that is readable as Lisp data. So they need a new function that could be read as lisp data (again to the specified stream):

(format-two-quarters-for-reading nil "last" 3.14 "this" 0) ; =>

"(\"The value last quarter: 3.14\" \"The value this quarter: 0\")"
Last updated 1 December 2021
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