Tisbury Treasure Hunt
Tisbury Treasure Hunt

Tisbury Treasure Hunt

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Aazra and Rui are designing a pirate-themed treasure hunt. There is a list of treasures with map locations, the other a list of place names with map locations.

Treasure Location
Amethyst Octopus (1, F)
Angry Monkey Figurine (5, B)
Antique Glass Fishnet Float (3, D)
Brass Spyglass (4, B)
Carved Wooden Elephant (8, C)
Crystal Crab (6, A)
Glass Starfish (6, D)
Model Ship in Large Bottle (8, A)
Pirate Flag (7, F)
Robot Parrot (1, C)
Scrimshaw Whale's Tooth (1, F)
Silver Seahorse (4, E)
Vintage Pirate Hat (7, E)
Place Name Location Quandrant
Seaside Cottages (C, 1) Blue
Aqua Lagoon (Island of Mystery) (F, 1) Yellow
Deserted Docks (A, 2) Blue
Spiky Rocks (D, 3) Yellow
Abandoned Lighthouse (B, 4) Blue
Hidden Spring (Island of Mystery) (E, 4) Yellow
Stormy Breakwater (B, 5) Purple
Old Schooner (A, 6) Purple
Tangled Seaweed Patch (D, 6) Orange
Quiet Inlet (Island of Mystery) (E, 7) Orange
Windswept Hilltop (Island of Mystery) (F, 7) Orange
Harbor Managers Office (A, 8) Purple
Foggy Seacave (C, 8) Purple

Players will travel around the map picking up treasures as they go. Treasure and place locations are formatted differently, to add an extra challenge. There are also some special places, where certain treasures can be swapped for certain other ones, to add an extra twist to the game. Your job is to write functions to help them with their game.

1. Convert locations

Implement the placeLocationToTreasureLocation function that takes a Place Location (such as ('C', 1)) and converts it to a Treasure Location (such as (1, 'C')).

placeLocationToTreasureLocation ('C', 1)
--> (1,'C')

2. Compare Treasure and Place locations

Implement the treasureLocationMatchesPlaceLocation function that takes a PlaceLocation (such as ('C', 1)) and returns true if it matches a TreasureLocation (such as (1, 'C')).

treasureLocationMatchesPlaceLocation ('C', 1) (1, 'C')
--> true

treasureLocationMatchesPlaceLocation ('C', 1) (2, 'C')
--> false

3. Count Treasure Locations

Implement the countPlaceTreasures function, that takes a Place (such as ("Aqua Lagoon (Island of Mystery)", ('F', 1))), and the list of Treasures, and returns the number of treasures that can be found there.

place = ("Aqua Lagoon (Island of Mystery)", ('F', 1))

countPlaceTreasures place treasures =
--> 2

4. Special Places

Implement the specialCaseSwapPossible function, which takes a Treasure (such as ("Amethyst Octopus", (1, 'F'))) and a Place (such as ("Seaside Cottages ", ('C', 1))), and returns true for the following combinations:

  • The Brass Spyglass can be swapped for any other treasure at the Abandoned Lighthouse
  • The Amethyst Octopus can be swapped for the Crystal Crab or the Glass Starfish at the Stormy Breakwater
  • The Vintage Pirate Hat can be swapped for the Model Ship in Large Bottle or the Antique Glass Fishnet Float at the Harbor Managers Office

Try to implement this function as a case statement with an ad hoc tuple, instead of using if statements (this is a common idiom in Elm).

Last updated 29 March 2023
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