Karl's Languages
Karl's Languages

Karl's Languages

Learning Exercise

While completing Karl's Languages, you'll learn 2 concepts


Karl wants to keep track of a list of languages to learn on Exercism's website. Karl needs to be able to add new languages, remove old ones and check if certain languages are in the list. It would be very exciting if Karl wants to learn Java or Kotlin!

1. Define a function to check if the language list is empty

Karl needs to know if his list of languages ever becomes empty so he can go find more to learn! Define a method called isEmpty which returns true if there are no languages in the list.

if (languageList.isEmpty()) {

2. Define a function to add a language to the list

Karl is looking forward to learning Kotlin and Python! Help Karl get started by defining a method called addLanguage which takes the language he wants to learn and adds it to the list.


3. Define a function to remove a language from the list

Karl decided he does not want to learn Scala right now. Help Karl remove it from the list by defining a method called removeLanguage which takes the language he is removing and removes it from the list.


4. Define a function to return the first item in the list

Karl wants to remember the first language he added to the list (that is still in the list). Define a method called firstLanguage that returns the first language in the list.

String kotlin = languageList.firstLanguage(); // "Kotlin"

5. Define a function to return how many languages are in the list

Karl needs to know how many languages he is trying to learn. Help Karl find the answer by defining a method called count which returns the number of languages in the list.

int two = languageList.count(); // 2

6. Define a function to determine if a language is in the list

Karl is trying to remember if he wanted to learn Python or Ruby. Define a method called containsLanguage which takes the language he is asking about so Karl can find out!

boolean learningPython = languageList.containsLanguage("Python"); // true
boolean learningRuby = languageList.containsLanguage("Ruby"); // false

7. Define a function to determine if the list is exciting

If Karl wants to learn Java or Kotlin, that is very exciting! Define a method called isExciting that returns true if Karl wants to learn Java or Kotlin.

javaLanguageList.isExciting() // true
neitherKotlinNorJavaLanguageList.isExciting() // false
Last updated 1 February 2023
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