Develop a simple domain specific language (DSL) for rolling dice. Players of games such as Dungeons & Dragons are familiar with such a DSL. An example is the following expression: 2 D20 + 1 D6, which means we should roll two 20-sided dice and one 6-sided die.

The expression 2 d20 + 3 d10 is possible to implement using Pharo syntax. + is a method like any other and can be implemented on classes other than numbers. Methods such as d20 can be implemtented on the existing Integer class with class extensions, a method in another package other than the one the class is in.

This exercise has been sourced from the book: Learning Object-Oriented Programming, Design and TDD with Pharo available at http://books.pharo.org. Chapter 12: Crafting a simple embedded DSL with Pharo.

Last updated 28 July 2022
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