Garden Party
Garden Party

Garden Party



Four chefs, Aisha, Emma, Mei, and Winona, are attending a garden party. They each prepare a different dish and bring a different beverage. The dishes are Pad Thai, Frybread, Tagine, and Biryani. The beverages are Tonic, Lassi, Kombucha, and Amasi.


You don't know exactly who cooked which dish and who brought what beverage, but you do know that:

  1. Aisha prepares Tagine.
  2. Emma brings Amasi.
  3. The chef who prepares Frybread brings Tonic.
  4. Mei brings Lassi.
  5. Winona does not prepare Pad Thai.
  6. The chef who brings the Lassi did not cook the Biryani

Based on these clues, figure out:

  • What beverage Aisha brought
  • What dish Emma cooked
  • What dish Mei cooked
  • What dish Winona cooked
  • What beverage Winona brought
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