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Grade School

Grade School



Given students' names along with the grade that they are in, create a roster for the school.

In the end, you should be able to:

  • Add a student's name to the roster for a grade
    • "Add Jim to grade 2."
    • "OK."
  • Get a list of all students enrolled in a grade
    • "Which students are in grade 2?"
    • "We've only got Jim just now."
  • Get a sorted list of all students in all grades. Grades should sort as 1, 2, 3, etc., and students within a grade should be sorted alphabetically by name.
    • "Who all is enrolled in school right now?"
    • "Let me think. We have Anna, Barb, and Charlie in grade 1, Alex, Peter, and Zoe in grade 2 and Jim in grade 5. So the answer is: Anna, Barb, Charlie, Alex, Peter, Zoe and Jim"

Note that all our students only have one name (It's a small town, what do you want?) and each student cannot be added more than once to a grade or the roster. In fact, when a test attempts to add the same student more than once, your implementation should indicate that this is incorrect.


A pairing session with Phil Battos at gSchool
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