Log line Parser
Log line Parser

Log line Parser

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In this exercise you'll be processing log-lines.

Each log line is a string formatted as follows: "[<LEVEL>]: <MESSAGE>".

There are three different log levels:

  • INFO

You have three tasks, each of which will take a log line and ask you to do something with it. There are lots of ways to solve these tasks - choose your favourite methods from the examples above and see what you can come up with.

1. Get message from a log line

Implement the LogLineParser#message method to return a log line's message:'[ERROR]: Invalid operation').message
# => "Invalid operation"

Any leading or trailing white space should be removed:"[WARNING]:  Disk almost full\r\n").message
# => "Disk almost full"

2. Get log level from a log line

Implement the LogLineParser#log_level method to return a log line's log level, which should be returned in lowercase:'[ERROR]: Invalid operation').log_level
# => "error"

3. Reformat a log line

Implement the LogLineParser#reformat method that reformats the log line, putting the message first and the log level after it in parentheses:'[INFO]: Operation completed').reformat
# => "Operation completed (info)"
Last updated 2 December 2021
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