Luhn Trait
Luhn Trait

Luhn Trait



Before doing this exercise you should probably do the original Luhn exercise and its successor, "Luhn: Using the From Trait"

To get the original Luhn exercise, run

exercism download --exercise=luhn --track=rust

To get the "Luhn: Using the From Trait" exercise, run

exercism download --exercise=luhn-from --track=rust

In the original Luhn exercise you only validated strings, but the Luhn algorithm can be applied to integers as well.

In "Luhn: Using the From Trait" you implemented a From trait, which also required you to create a Luhn struct.

Instead of creating a Struct just to perform the validation, what if you validated the primitives (i.e, String, u8, etc.) themselves?

In this exercise you'll create and implement a custom trait that performs the validation.


The Rust track maintainers, based on the original Luhn exercise
Last updated 29 March 2023
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