Resistor Color
Resistor Color

Resistor Color



Resistors have color coded bands, where each color maps to a number. The first 2 bands of a resistor have a simple encoding scheme: each color maps to a single number.

These colors are encoded as follows:

  • Black: 0
  • Brown: 1
  • Red: 2
  • Orange: 3
  • Yellow: 4
  • Green: 5
  • Blue: 6
  • Violet: 7
  • Grey: 8
  • White: 9

Mnemonics map the colors to the numbers, that, when stored as an array, happen to map to their index in the array: Better Be Right Or Your Great Big Values Go Wrong.

More information on the color encoding of resistors can be found in the Electronic color code Wikipedia article

Last updated 12 January 2023
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