Learn how to write articles for exercises

Each exercise can have articles associated with them, which explore some interesting aspect of the exercise.


Potential topics an article could explore:

  • Comparing the performance of different approaches
  • Anything interesting you can come up with!

General considerations

  • If your article is based on some code you've written, consider committing that code (within the article directory)
    • An example being an article on performance, for which benchmarking code was written

What exercises to write articles for?

Any exercise, as long as there is something interesting to explore.


Each article must add the following two files:

  • .articles/<article-slug>/ description of the articleh (see the docs)
  • .articles/<article-slug>/ snippet showcasing the article (see the docs)

You'll then need to add or update:

  • .articles/config.json: metadata for the articles (see the docs)