How to learn PowerShell

An overview of how to get started from scratch with PowerShell

A great place to start learning PowerShell is picking a learning resource at the learning section on Powershells website. This has a huge amount of information and links to a wide range of PowerShell topics.

PowerShell also has a very complete self documenting help system. You can explore much of what PowerShell offers using the Get-Help cmdlet. From within PowerShell, try:

Get-Help about

You will see about 3 pages of topics that can be explored. Two further functions that will be of great use are:

  • Get-Command
  • Get-Member

Wanting to know what these do? Try Get-Help Get-Command and Get-Help Get-Member of course.

PowerShell Verbs and Nouns

PowerShell follows quite a strict Verb-Noun for the naming of its cmdlets. Initially this can be a jarring experience to seasoned programmers. Whilst you can name your functions anything you like, becoming familiar with and adopting the standard verbs will improve your PowerShell coding.

To see a list of all the approved verbs, simply run:


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