Testing on the PowerShell track

Learn how to test your PowerShell exercises on Exercism

The exercises all use the Pester framework for mocking and testing. All tests will be in a file named [Exercise].tests.ps1 as is the standard for the Pester framework. If you're in the right directory (i.e. the one containing [Exercise].ps1 and [Exercise].tests.ps1). You can run the tests from PowerShell by calling:


This will run all .tests.ps1 files it can find in the directory.

If you are using another shell than PowerShell, you can run the tests by calling:

pwsh -Command "Invoke-Pester"

Running tests in Visual Studio Code

You have to make sure you have the powershell extension installed in Visual Studio Code .

You can run tests in visual studio code in a couple of ways:

  • Running the .Tests.ps1 script from the Debug menu. Keyboard short cuts are: F5 or Shift + F5
  • From within the editor by clicking on the "Run Tests" link above the Describe keyword in the test code itself
  • Configuring a Task to run the Pester framework