Installing TypeScript locally

Learn how to install TypeScript locally to solve Exercism's exercises on your own machine

You need NodeJS LTS.

💡 This track likely works with older stable versions, as well as the "current" version. However, by design, odd versions are never stable. Always make sure you install an even version of NodeJS.

Install Yarn 2+.

For Node > 16, this is:

corepack enable

Checking your installation

You generally need to open a new terminal in order to use binaries you've just installed.

$ node -v

$ yarn -v

Note: your versions will likely differ from this.

Assignment installation

Each assignment needs some tools to run the tests:

They can be installed running this command within each assignment directory:

$ yarn install

You must run install inside the exercise directory before you are able to run the tests. As we are moving towards Yarn 3 PnP, installing the dependencies in each exercise directory does NOT install a complete copy of all the dependencies.