Testing on the TypeScript track

Learn how to test your TypeScript exercises on Exercism

Execute the tests with:

$ yarn test

Be sure your code follows best practices, as other users do, with eslint, a tool to perform static analysis to your code. Tools like this save you some time detecting typos or silly mistakes in your code:

$ yarn lint

Or do both at the same time:

$ yarn test && yarn lint

The TypeScript track on Exercism does not enforce code style, so you're free to choose between semicolons, tabs vs spaces, and everything inbetween.

Making Your First Module

Usually, tests on this track will load your implementation importing it as a module: import Bob from './bob';. To make it work, you need to export your implementation from the file the tests are looking for your module, bob.ts:

export class Bob {
  public hey(message: string) {
    // Your solution here

We've provided stubs in each exercise and placed this export in there for you.