Using the online editor

Learn how to solve exercises using the Online Editor

Solving exercises online using the website's online editor allows you to quickly get started with a track. With the online editor, you don't have to install anything on your local machine, everything works within the browser (including running the tests).

Solving the Exercise

The goal of each exercise is to create an implementation that passes all the tests. Such an implementation is known as a solution.

To start doing that, go to the website, join a track and go to the exercise's page. There, you can click on the "Open in editor" button. This will open the online editor, which shows the following information:

  • The left-hand side contains the editor in which you'll code your solution
  • The right-hand side contains the instructions that explain what is expected of you

You can then start coding your solution.

Clicking on the "Run Tests" button will check if your solution passes the exercise's tests. Once the tests have run, the test results will be displayed on the right.


The online editor does not have an integrated debugger. Some tracks do support print-based debugging, where your code can output text that is displayed in the results. If a track supports this, instructions on how to use this feature are shown on the right-hand side.

Submitting your Solution

Once your solution passes all the tests, you can submit your solution using the "Submit" button.