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Practice Exercises

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Practice Exercises are exercises designed to allow students to solve an arbitrary problem, with the aim of them making use of the concepts they have learned so far.

Synced primary repo: 2d71680d6b4e125e798bd8983addd2605b26a4fe (Updates should be instant)

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11 active practice exercises
Mentoring requests
Hello World Hello World
801 (avg. 0.3)
552 (17.4%)
0 (0.0%)
Binary Binary
93 (avg. 0.5)
63 (33.3%)
13 (6.9%)
Difference of Squares Difference of Squares
61 (avg. 0.8)
48 (62.3%)
7 (9.1%)
Gigasecond Gigasecond
68 (avg. 0.9)
54 (70.1%)
8 (10.4%)
Grains Grains
48 (avg. 0.8)
39 (63.9%)
3 (4.9%)
Hamming Hamming
92 (avg. 0.7)
57 (44.2%)
15 (11.6%)
Leap Leap
46 (avg. 0.9)
38 (70.4%)
3 (5.6%)
Nth Prime Nth Prime
36 (avg. 0.7)
28 (57.1%)
4 (8.2%)
Raindrops Raindrops
46 (avg. 0.9)
38 (71.7%)
3 (5.7%)
RNA Transcription RNA Transcription
51 (avg. 0.8)
37 (56.1%)
5 (7.6%)
Roman Numerals Roman Numerals
42 (avg. 0.8)
32 (61.5%)
3 (5.8%)
119 unimplemented practice exercises
Acronym Acronym
Affine Cipher Affine Cipher
All Your Base All Your Base
Allergies Allergies
Alphametics Alphametics
Anagram Anagram
Armstrong Numbers Armstrong Numbers
Atbash Cipher Atbash Cipher
Bank Account Bank Account
Binary Search Binary Search
Binary Search Tree Binary Search Tree
Bob Bob
Book Store Book Store
Bottle Song Bottle Song
Bowling Bowling
Change Change
Circular Buffer Circular Buffer
Clock Clock
Collatz Conjecture Collatz Conjecture
Complex Numbers Complex Numbers
Connect Connect
Conway's Game of Life Conway's Game of Life
Crypto Square Crypto Square
Custom Set Custom Set
D&D Character D&D Character
Darts Darts
Diamond Diamond
Dominoes Dominoes
Eliud's Eggs Eliud's Eggs
Error Handling Error Handling
Flatten Array Flatten Array
Food Chain Food Chain
Forth Forth
Go Counting Go Counting
Grade School Grade School
Grep Grep
Hangman Hangman
High Scores High Scores
House House
ISBN Verifier ISBN Verifier
Isogram Isogram
Killer Sudoku Helper Killer Sudoku Helper
Kindergarten Garden Kindergarten Garden
Knapsack Knapsack
Largest Series Product Largest Series Product
Ledger Ledger
Lens Person Lens Person
Linked List Linked List
List Ops List Ops
Luhn Luhn
Markdown Markdown
Matching Brackets Matching Brackets
Matrix Matrix
Meetup Meetup
Micro Blog Micro Blog
Minesweeper Minesweeper
Nucleotide Count Nucleotide Count
OCR Numbers OCR Numbers
PaaS I/O PaaS I/O
Palindrome Products Palindrome Products
Pangram Pangram
Parallel Letter Frequency Parallel Letter Frequency
Pascal's Triangle Pascal's Triangle
Perfect Numbers Perfect Numbers
Phone Number Phone Number
Pig Latin Pig Latin
Poker Poker
Prime Factors Prime Factors
Protein Translation Protein Translation
Proverb Proverb
Pythagorean Triplet Pythagorean Triplet
Queen Attack Queen Attack
Rail Fence Cipher Rail Fence Cipher
Rational Numbers Rational Numbers
React React
Rectangles Rectangles
Resistor Color Resistor Color
Resistor Color Duo Resistor Color Duo
Resistor Color Trio Resistor Color Trio
Reverse String Reverse String
Robot Name Robot Name
Robot Simulator Robot Simulator
Rotational Cipher Rotational Cipher
Run-Length Encoding Run-Length Encoding
Saddle Points Saddle Points
Satellite Satellite
Say Say
Scrabble Score Scrabble Score
Secret Handshake Secret Handshake
Series Series
SGF Parsing SGF Parsing
Sieve Sieve
Simple Cipher Simple Cipher
Simple Linked List Simple Linked List
Space Age Space Age
Spiral Matrix Spiral Matrix
Square Root Square Root
State of Tic-Tac-Toe State of Tic-Tac-Toe
Strain Strain
Sublist Sublist
Sum of Multiples Sum of Multiples
Tournament Tournament
Transpose Transpose
Tree Building Tree Building
Triangle Triangle
Twelve Days Twelve Days
Two Bucket Two Bucket
Two-Fer Two-Fer
Variable Length Quantity Variable Length Quantity
Word Count Word Count
Word Search Word Search
Wordy Wordy
Yacht Yacht
Zebra Puzzle Zebra Puzzle
Zipper Zipper

Programming Tags

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Help manage the tags used to group, filter and recommend solutions, approaches and articles.

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Test Runner

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Create Test Runners that have the single responsibility of taking a solution, running all tests and returning a standardized output.

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Build a Representer: a bit of code that has the single responsibility of taking a solution and returning a normalized representation of it.

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Build an Analyzer for PL/SQL: Exercism's analyzers automatically assess student's submissions and provide mentor-style commentary.

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