Prepare for open source contributions from strangers

At this point you should be able to accept contributions from strangers. Write some contributing documentation to help strangers contribute.


If there are exercises that you wish to include in the track, but have not yet implemented, open issues for each exercise. In general, we recommend opening issues for tasks that you would accept contributions for.

We have a special section on the website listing tasks, which are issues with one or more special labels. Having your issues listed on the website is a great way to get more contributions. For more information on how to have your issues show up on the website, check the tasks documentation.

Other things to consider

  • Is there a style guide for your programming language?
  • Are these styles encouraged or enforced?
  • Are there any conventions that we should adopt on this track for the sake of consistency?
  • Can we enforce these?
  • Is there a linter? Are there many? Should we use one?
  • Is there a common convention for file names? If not, what should our convention be?

It could be worth opening separate issues for the things you wish to tackle.